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Northwest Florida is attractive for all types of economic development projects, including those requiring access to deepwater ports or barge facilities. The region has unique assets, attributes and competencies that make it an ideal location for businesses involved in certain industry sectors. Based on extensive research of the region’s natural resources, support services (including engineering, information technology, and research), workforce, infrastructure, education, and military bases, Florida’s Great Northwest has identified the following five industry sectors where the Panhandle offers a globally competitive business location solution:

Advanced Manufacturing

Northwest Florida’s unique geographic location within Florida makes the region an ideal solution for advanced manufacturing companies seeking a site in the Southeastern United States. With 850 traditional and advanced technology manufacturing companies and more than 25,000 employees, Northwest Florida has the transportation infrastructure, educational institutions, and skilled workforce needed to support diverse manufacturing projects. The region provides an outstanding physical... Read More »

Aerospace & Defense

Northwest Florida, a global leader in the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense sector, is home to the following military bases, five of which are aviation-related: Pensacola Naval Air Station, Whiting Field, Eglin Air Force Base (including Duke Field), Hurlburt Field, Naval Support Activity Panama City, and Tyndall Air Force Base. Specific information on the missions of each base can be found in our Northwest Florida Aerospace and Defense Industry brochure, as well as our Military Assets page... Read More »

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Health Sciences

Health Sciences encompasses a broad array of disciplines with a large and growing footprint in Northwest Florida. These disciplines include traditional medical and health services, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, customer service centers supporting the health care industry, and human performance, where the Panhandle boasts one of the leading research centers in the world. A number of major health systems are represented in Northwest Florida, including Sacred Heart, Baptist... Read More »

Renewable Energy

Florida’s climate and abundant natural resources have positioned the state, as well as the Panhandle, as a global leader in Renewable Energy, both in research and development and manufacturing of wood products, alternative fuel sources, and wind and solar energy. Northwest Florida’s research universities, as well as the Department of Defense, with its strong commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, provide considerable scientific and engineering support for this growing... Read More »

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Northwest Florida’s unique geographic location within the State of Florida makes it an ideal location for companies involved in transportation, distribution, and logistics (TDL). The Panhandle is a major TDL center, providing quick and easy access to the rapidly growing Southeastern United States. In fact, companies can reach virtually all primary southeastern markets within a one-day truck haul from anywhere in Northwest Florida.  Northwest Florida has an outstanding... Read More »

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