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We accomplished the next step in the development of the regional economic transformation strategy.  We held two opportunity workshops yesterday and invited everyone from our previous sessions. More than 100 business and community leaders across Northwest Florida attended and gave their input.


The workshops allowed our consultant, TIP Strategies, to provide the framework and strategic direction of the regional plan for economic transformation. We remained very top level and gave broad strokes and asked for their feedback to ensure we are on the right track. The final product that we will get from TIP Strategies will provide more specific examples and an implementation plan on how to accomplish these initiatives.


The slide deck that what was reviewed and discussed yesterday to gather feedback from our business and community leaders is available HERE.   Please review and provide your thoughts on whether we are headed in the right direction. We are asking for all input by December 21st.


Our goal is to have the regional plan completed by the end of January, then the real work of all of Northwest Florida owning the plan and implementing it begins.


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