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Thank you for your interest in the Northwest Florida Ambassador Program, the goal of which is to enlist the assistance of visitors to help create new jobs and investment in Northwest Florida.  Millions of people visit Northwest Florida each year, and many return year after year to the same community, becoming part of the fabric of Northwest Florida.

Northwest Florida welcomes these visitors, and we are grateful for the contributions they make to the economy and culture of the region.  Because repeat visitors have intimate familiarity with Northwest Florida and enjoy the lifestyle and amenities the region offers, they are ideally positioned to recommend the area to friends and family members who may be considering a business expansion or relocation to the Southeastern United States.

FGNW invites visitors to Northwest Florida to become a member of the FGNW Ambassadors, an economic development outreach program.  As a FGNW Ambassador, you will help grow and diversify Northwest Florida by identifying companies that may be interested in locating their business in Florida’s Panhandle.  You can register as an Ambassador by contacting FGNW at 850-337-3469 or by completing the form below.  You will then be added to our mailing list and receive updates about FGNW and Northwest Florida. As a way of thanking you for referring companies that you are familiar with and may be potential prospects for making a capital investment and creating jobs in the region, we will send you a thank you package of items that can be used on your next visit to Northwest Florida.
Thank you again for your interest in Northwest Florida and the FGNW Ambassador program.  We look forward to working with you!

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