Commitment to Competitiveness

Northwest Florida is committed to transforming the region to ensure it remains a competitive location for businesses. Florida’s Great Northwest is leading the charge in partnership with Gulf Power, University of West Florida, West Florida Regional Planning Council, Apalachee Regional Planning Council and many more organizations. Business, government, educational and community leaders are all working together to ensure we have the best climate for your business.

Regional Transformation

Northwest Florida FORWARD is a regional strategic initiative that is bringing the entire community together to drive economic vitality and growth. Northwest Florida business, government, educational and community leaders are committed to better-aligning resources to achieve a common vision.

Northwest Florida FORWARD provides a holistic set of goals, strategies, and actions designed to ensure economic vitality through new investment and job creation, as well as the enrichment of the region’s talent base, innovation ecosystem, infrastructure, and quality of place. Our success will build a better ecosystem for businesses to succeed.

To learn more about the long-term strategy and how our region will grow to make it even easier for your business to succeed here, please go to



Florida’s Great Northwest is here to provide you the practical, on-the-ground resources and support you need for your business location/expansion project. From incentives to site selection to workforce development, we’ve got the expertise and connections to help your business be even more competitive with a Northwest Florida location.

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