With a Northwest Florida location, your company can get materials in and products out efficiently and cost effectively.  You can reach much of the southeastern U.S. within a one-day truck haul, the rest of the U.S. by rail, and internationally by ocean carrier. Your company can benefit from the following:

  • Being within close proximity to 12 automotive and 6 aerospace OEMs, making Northwest Florida a top location for aerospace and automotive industry suppliers MAP  
  • Nearly 800 manufacturers in the region, a manufacturing workforce of 56,000 within a one-hour drive time, and 3,000 separating military personnel each year ready to work for you
  • Three deep-water ports, two of which are Foreign Trade Zones, and access to four additional ports/FTZs
  • Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad has access to Class I Rail CSX & Norfolk Southern, and short lines
  • I-10 running from Jacksonville to Los Angeles, also connecting to I-65, I-75 and I-95
  • Available properties   on wide swaths of land with access to multimodal transportation networks

GOOD compaNY

Your company will have the networking resources and connections to succeed in Northwest Florida. Two regional industry organizations are available to help you build relationships, bounce ideas and get advice.

Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council (NWFMC)

Technology Coast Manufacturing and Engineering Network (TeCMEN)



Our educational institutions are ready to help you succeed in Northwest Florida. They also partner with NWFMC and TeCMEN and businesses to offer a wealth of career and technical training resources to help you remain competitive.

For example, the University of West Florida partnered with NWFMC and TeCMEN to offer members quality improvement training at no cost.  Each of our educational institutions is committed to supporting your workforce training needs.


Port Panama City, with its six deep-water berths, Foreign Trade Zone status, and 200-acre Intermodal Distribution Center, is a significant regional asset, as is the Port of Pensacola. These assets, coupled with the new 4,000-acre Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport near Panama City in Bay County, make Northwest Florida an ideal hub for international trade.  Learn more about Northwest Florida’s transportation infrastructure.

Low Cost Electric Power & Natural Gas

Northwest Florida is serviced by two investor-owned electric utilities and four electric membership cooperatives. These companies are:

Investor Owned Companies

Electric Membership Cooperatives through PowerSouth 

While electric rates are nationally competitive, special rates are available for industrial and other large customers.


Natural Gas

Florida Gas Transmission Company is the natural gas provider in the region. The company is 100% owned by Citrus Corp — a joint venture between Kinder Morgan, Inc. and Energy Transfer. The company’s current infrastructure and capability include:

  • 5,500-mile pipeline system with extensive access to diverse natural gas supply sources
  • A supply capability of 2.3 Bcf/day of natural gas to the rapidly growing Florida peninsula


Business Cost Advantages

Northwest Florida will benefit from $1.5 billion in economic development enhancements, such as workforce training and infrastructure, over the next 15 years. Additionally, Florida ranks among the best states for business because of its pro-business tax policies and competitive cost of doing business.

Your company can benefit from inducements to help offset initial costs when locating a new or expanding your existing business in Northwest Florida. Moreover, your business dollars go further given the state's limited corporate taxes and your employees benefit from 0% state personal income tax.

Learn more about incentives available with a Northwest Florida location.

Leading Manufacturing Industry

Industry Type: Ratio to U.S. average:
Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing 12x more
Explosives Manufacturing 9x more
Turbine and Turbine Generator Set Units Manufacturing 7x more
Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Propulsion Unit and Propulsion Unit Parts Manufacturing 6x more
Cyclic Crude, Intermediate, and Gum and Wood Chemical Manufacturing 5x more
Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing 5x more

All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing

4x more
Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing 3x more
Artificial and Synthetic Fibers and Filaments Manufacturing 3x more
Pesticide and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing 3x more
Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing 3x more
Wood Preservation

2x more

Featured Companies

American Elite Molding

American Elite Molding is America's leading manufacturer of nylon cable ties. Located in Crestview, Florida, their state-of-the-art facility operates 24/7/365 and boasts the most advanced production processes in the U.S. They offer an extensive line of cable ties in a variety of lengths, tensile strengths, and colors, plus accessories such as mounting pads and cable clamps. American Elite Molding's specialty products include EZ-Off™ ties, releasable ties, custom-printed ties, and HVAC duct straps. All cable ties use virgin nylon 6/6 to guarantee superior quality and are UL Listed, and Mil-Spec approved. It maintains a full inventory of all cable ties for Just-in-Time delivery from one of their four new stocking locations to their national distributor network. American Elite Molding is committed to continuous improvement in quality and service in all areas. American Elite Molding is focused on customer success as well as satisfaction, and all products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ascend Performance

Ascend Performance Materials is a premium provider of high-quality chemicals, fibers and plastics. Ascend’s Pensacola plant is the largest integrated nylon facility in the world. The site produces basic chemicals and nylon polymer in a single facility that consists of multiple chemical manufacturing and polymer manufacturing units. The site supplies a diverse customer base in the Americas, Europe and Asia in the growing markets of automotive, electronics and consumer goods.


AUS Manufacturing Company is a full-service machining and fabrication facility with capabilities in CNC machining both in milling and turning. AUS specializes in Power Generation needs with a customer base of Power Utility Plants across the United States and overseas. They also provide made custom Made in the USA parts for customers in aerospace, defense, automotive and other industries.

Berg Pipe

Berg Pipe produces pipe for the oil and gas sector. The Panama City mill has a capacity of 400,000 tons per year and manufactures Linepipe by 3RB process (straight seam with double submerged arc welded pipe manufactured by three roll bending).


Born out of a love of the water, BOTE develops nationally acclaimed paddle boards that support its mission of “Stand Apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle.”

Cape Horn

Cape Horn is a family-owned and operated business steeped in tradition. Thirty years of refinement and innovation and a no-nonsense approach to offshore fishing has made Cape Horn the preeminent fishing boat company in Florida.

Certified Manufacturing (CMI)

Certified Manufacturing Inc., a woman owned company, is an agile manufacturer able to meet rapid response needs. CMI’s capabilities include electron-mechanical assembly, complex harness fabrication, specialized potting processes, cable assembly, inspection and automated testing. CMI can also provide laser wire marking on a variety of wire/cable sizes and types as well as cable harness overbraiding. CMI also provides circuit card assembly.

Eastern Shipbuilding

Eastern is a leading innovator in marine construction and repair. They were recently awarded the contract for Coast Guard’s Offshore Patrol Cutter with construction beginning in 2018. Using a state-of-the-art production line and fabrication process, Eastern builds everything from offshore supply vessels to barges to inland transport vessels and more.


Eastman Chemicals produces a range of amines products that are used in the food, feed and agriculture markets. The facility produces functional and specialty amines as well as crop protection products.


Enviva is a company with a passion to develop clean energy fuel sources, which they accomplish through their production of wood pellets. The Jackson County mill has a capacity of 700,000 metric tons per year and manufactures wood pellet fuel with a mix of untreated raw wood, waste wood, and residuals.  


Florida’s Great Northwest is here to provide you the practical, on-the-ground resources and support you need for your business location/expansion project. From incentives to site selection to workforce development, we’ve got the expertise and connections to help your business be even more competitive with a Northwest Florida location.

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