City of Pensacola, Economic Development and Neighborhood Services

Erica Grancagnolo will be responsible for developing and implementing long-range strategic plans for city economic development.  The Economic Development and Neighborhood Services will have the a goal of furthering the City of Pensacola's economic growth and establishing a dedicated point of contact for businesses interested in potentially relocating to Pensacola. 

The Economic Development and Neighborhood Servces will assist in developing and implementing the city's existing and future economic development initiatives, through encouraging businesses to start-up, expand or relocate to the City of Pensacola. Erica will serve as a liaison to public and private agencies involved in economic development, while marketing the city to businesses and contacting prospective businesses and agencies. 

Erica Grancagnolo: 850-435-1687 |

222 W Main St
Pensacola, FL 32502